Park West School

School Supply Lists 2024-2025


School Supplies:  School supply lists for all grades for the 2024-2025 school year are posted here on our school website (see links below) and on the school office window during the summer months.  Please don’t stress if you can’t find specific brands, colours, sizes, etc. requested on the supply lists.  Just do the best you can.  School supplies in quantities for the entire year do not have to be brought to school on the first day.  You are encouraged to re-use previous year supplies whenever possible.  It's not necesssary to buy new if you have items that are in usable condition (binders, duotangs, pencils, coloured pencils, scissors, kitbox, etc,).  Please label all materials before sending to school, unless otherwise requested by teachers.  

Links for School Supply lists for 2024-2025 for all grades are below. 

***Please note, there will be extra school supply packages in September for students in grades primary-2 if you do not want to purchase from the list(s) below.  The cost will be $40 and can be paid in September.