Park West School

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important.
Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Carter, Mr. D. Principal 902-457-7800 ext. 5271001
Melanson, Mr. B. Vice Principal 902-457-7800 ext. 5271003
Cobean, Mr. T. Guidance Counselor ext. 5272019
Johnston, Ms. E. Administrative Assistant 902-457-7800
Landers, Ms. B. Administrative Assistant 902-457-7800
Olsen, Ms. D. Vice Princpial 902-457-7800 ext. 5271002
Supple, Ms. D Guidance Councillor ext. 5271220

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
(T. Macdonald), Ms. J. Greenwood Gr. 3 ext. 1032
(Allen, Ms. V. ) Ms. Kelly Learning Centre ext. 1212
(Kelly, Ms. J) Mr. MacLellan Gr. 3 ext. 1023
(Walker Ms. Seminatore, Ms. C.) Primary ext. 1012
Alassad, Mr. A Gr. 7 ext. 1246
Allen / L. Landry, Ms. D. Resource (Elementary) ext. 1214
Beattie, Mr. G. Gr. 9 ext. 1226 Website
Bennett, Mr. C. Elementary Support Teacher
Brewer, Ms. K. EAL 5-9 ext. 1061
Campbell, Ms. C Primary ext. 1014
Cavanaugh, Ms. C. Elementary Support Teacher
Clements, Ms. J Gr. 4 ext. 1080
Driscoll, Mr. A. Gr.7 ext. 1229 Website
d’Entremont, Mr. J. Tech. Ed. / Phys. Ed. ext. 1269
English / Labor, Ms. J./ Ms. S. Gr. 2 ext. 1034
Follini, Mr. C Band (grades 6 - 9)
Francis, Ms. Gr. 1 ext. 1027
Gouthro, Ms. N Gr. 6 ext. 1248
Griswold, Ms. L. Gr. 1 ext. 1011
Haikings , Ms. S. EAL (P-4) ext. 1061
Hayes, Ms. L. Resource (Junior High) ext. 1217
Hickey, Mr. J Gr. 8 ext. 1237
Joseph, Ms. R. Gr. 3 ext. 1069
Joyce, Mr. B. Strings 457 7800
Kerr, Ms. D. Music (Elementary) ext. 1070 Website
King, Ms. N Learning Centre/Resource ext. 1005
Kostlac, Ms. E. Gr. 1 ext. 1026
Leon, Ms. N. Gr. 6 ext. 1249 Website
Lewis, Mr. D. Gr. 4/5 ext. 1081
MacBurnie, Ms. K. Gr. 7 ext. 1247
MacDonald, Ms. C Primary ext. 1013
Macdonald, Ms. L. Gr. 5 Website
Macllelan, Ms. M. Gr. 8 ext. 1239 Website
Martin, Ms. S. Gr. 9 ext. 1227
McKnight, Ms. S Art (grades 7-9) JH Social Studies ext. 1238
Mockler, Ms. M. Core French (Elementary) ext. 2019
Nelson, Mr. A. Gr. 6 ext. 1272
Oxner, Ms. K Learning Centre
Pelc, Ms. J JH Healthy Living / French /PE
Piercey, Mr. J Physical Education ext. 1054
Regan, Mr. P Physical Education ext. 1054
Riddell, Ms. T. Gr. 9 ext. 1228 Website
Ross / Matheson, Ms. J / Ms. S Gr. 4 ext. 1082
Shupe, Mr. G Gr. 5 ext. 1083 Website
Ssbezza, Ms. R. Gr. 2 ext. 1033 Website
St. Louis, Mr. S Core French (Junior High)
Thurston, Ms. L Gr. 3 ext. 1031
Tracey, Ms. K Gr. 5/6 ext. 1090
Webber, Ms. M. Gr. 2 ext. 1034 Website
White, Ms. C. Gr. 8 ext. 1236 Website

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Baker, Ms. J. School Psychologist
Beaulieu, P. EPA
Boutilier, H. EPA
Carney, Mr. D Technology Support
Comeau, A Librarian ext. 1039
Corbett, K. EPA
Darwish, Hanan EPA
Graham, A EPA
Grant-Robertson, S. School Social Worker
Grinnell, Ms. E YMCA Newcomer Support Worker ext. 1062
Hickey, S. Caretaker
Hopkins, S. EPA
Keating , J. EPA
Lee, L. Head Caretaker
Misra, Ritu EPA
Nash, Catherine EPA
Nizam, W. EXCEL Childcare - Head Instructor 902 221-6168
Oliver, W. Speech and Language
O’Connor , B. EPA
Scrymegour, J. Cafeteria Operator 902-440-7352
Sims, E EPA
Sutherland, L. EPA
Turcotte, R. Caretaker
Williams, Mr. T Schools Plus - Community Outreach Worker