Park West School

Parent - Teacher Association (PTA)


May 4, 2017


Dear Park West Families,


We need your help!

The purpose of the Park West PTA is to assist our students in benefiting from the
educational system to the greatest extent possible with one of our primary goals being to provide financial assistance through fundraising activities for educational projects,
teaching aids and other enhancements of our children's educational experience.

We are very fortunate to live in such a supportive community and through your generous support over the years, we have been able to provide Park West School with tens of thousands of dollars to help achieve this goal. Every grade level from Primary to 9, as
well as all specialist departments, have received support from the PTA for such things as additional literacy, math, science and technology resources, the purchase of a new
digital piano for the music department and a DSLR camera for use in technical education
and by our students for the yearbook. However, starting next year, this continued ability to provide such funding is at risk due to a shortage of parent involvement.

Specifically, we are in need of two things:


1. Parents to step up and become event leaders for the various fundraising activities
that take place at Park West throughout the year such as the Back-To-School BBQ in
September, monthly popcorn sales, family dances, community potluck, family bingo
nights, holiday concert front row raffle, etc.

2. Someone to actively take on the role of Fundraising Coordinator with the PTA who
would be responsible for coordinating all the fundraisers that will take place during the
school year and securing event leaders for those fundraisers.
Starting in 2017-2018, if we are unable to find individuals to help out with the above,
many events will not be taking place at Park West School resulting in a loss of
thousands of dollars of fundraising over the school year and the inability to provide
further additional funding to the school.


The first major fundraiser slated to take place for the 2017-2018 school year is the Back
to School BBQ on Thursday, September 14, 2017. If we are unable to obtain an event
leader for this event, then we will have no choice but to cancel it.
If you are able to help with this event, or any of the other above mentioned ones, please
send an email to or leave a message with your contact information
with the school office either in person or by phone at 902-457-7800.

The next Park West PTA meeting is on Wednesday, May 17 at 7:00 pm in the
school cafetorium. If you're able to, please come out and join us as we always enjoy
seeing new faces and hearing any thoughts, comments or ideas you may have.

Thank you for continued support of our efforts and we look forward to both a favourable
response and seeing you soon.


The Park West PTA


Fundraising:  Our PTA generously supports teaching and learning at our school. They work hard throughout the year to raise funds through various initiatives. Our recent Fall Community Barbeque raised almost $9000.00! Thank you to Scotiabank, our major sponsor, for their very generous support.  Last year they raised almost $19,000.00. Items purchased for our students and teachers using these funds include: registration fees for math competitions, books for classroom libraries, resources for math, games and puzzles, musical instruments, portable electronic piano, EAL learning resources, butterfly kits, cooking & baking supplies, digital camera, microscope slides, fees for visiting authors, microscopes, technology (apps and software subscriptions), scientific calculators, book cases, computer speakers, spelling bee registration, pedometers, outdoor activity equipment, etc. Presently the PTA has a number of fundraising projects available for parents and community to support. For more information about these visit our school website at  Thank you to the members of our PTA.  


See you on Facebook:  Our PTA has a Facebook page.  Find it at  Check it out for valuable information.