Park West School

Parent Concern Protocol

Shared Responsibility:  Park West is a large school comprised of over 850 students (in grades Primary to 9) in 33 classes, and 90 people who work in our building on a daily basis.   That’s over 900 people!  They all have needs, and require attention and support.   In order to provide the support and assistance they need, and operate our school effectively and efficiently, we have divided administrative responsibilities among our principal and two vice principals (our admin team).   For instance, some of the responsibilities assigned to Ms. Anyanwu (the principal) include:  finances, grade 9 trip, building maintenance and cleaning, primary orientation, and diversity.   Mr. Melanson’s (Vice Principal) responsibilities include:  technology, athletics, lunch program, and hiring new staff.   Ms. Ferguson (Vice Principal) is responsible for substitute teachers, scheduling, assessments, SSP, and school photos.

To better assist and support teachers, their classes, and parents we have divided our homerooms between the two VPs as follows: 


  • Mr. Melanson  Grades:  P.P., Primary, 1, 2, 3 and 4

  • Ms. Ferguson  Grades:  5, 6, 7, 8 and 9

Please contact the appropriate Vice Principal (depending on your child’s grade assignment) to assist you at any time with issues, concerns, and matters of behaviour and discipline.

If parents/guardians have questions or concerns:

1. Start with your child's teacher.

2. If necessary, follow up with one of our vice principals. Mr. Melanson looks after grades primary - 4 classes. Ms. Olsen looks after grades 5 - 9 classes.

3. Further assistance could be provided by our principal, Mr. Carter.



•If you have a question or concern regarding your child, the channel of communication begins with your child’s teacher, or the teacher with whom you have the concern. A teacher deserves the first opportunity to address your concerns. Communication can be done via telephone or email, or make an appointment to meet in person.

• If an issue cannot be resolved to your satisfaction with the teacher, please contact the Principal or Vice Principal.

• Parent concerns related to school administration/operation issues should be addressed with the Principal or Vice Principal. Mr. Carter, Ms. Olsen and Mr. Melanson are very approachable and are happy to address your concerns.

• Email, telephone calls (we have voicemail), and meetings by appointment work best for effective communication.

Matters of Discipline and Student Behaviour: Minor discipline issues are handled by teachers. Discipline issues of a more serious nature are addressed namely by our Vice Principals. Fortunately major discipline issues at Park West are rare. We have awesome students.