Park West School

School Closures

The Halifax Regional School Board takes great care when making the decision to alter the normal operations of schools in the event of severe or inclement weather. Decisions on school closures and/or bus cancellations are posted on the board’s website at , on Twitter at, recorded on 464-INFO (4636) and communicated to all local radio stations. You can also receive notice of school and bus cancellations by e-mail or text message by following the link on the front page (left side) of the HRSB website. If you are interested in learning more on how decisions regarding closures and cancellations are made, visit

Possible  Announcements Pertaining to Park West School:

1. All schools feeding into Halifax West High School or the Halifax West FAMILY of schools are closed. 
2. All schools in the Halifax Regional School Board are closed.
3. School buses are not running, but schools are open and it is at the parents’ discretion as to whether or not to send their children to school.  

In the event of extreme weather conditions you are encouraged to use your judgment when it comes to your child coming to school that day.  The safety and well-being of our students is a prime concern.  If a large number of our students are absent on a given day major assessments will be rescheduled and the introduction of new work will be minimal.  If schools are closed, then EXCEL (all programs) is cancelled.   Students who would normally receive early morning, lunch time, or after school care would be affected.  Also, school functions and use of school facilities for that date are cancelled as well.  Ultimately, the building is closed.  By now all parents should have returned to their child’s teacher the completed form with information for dismissal in the event of an early closure during the school day.  Teachers need this information so they can dismiss your child according to your wishes.  Please ensure this information is always up-to-date and your children are familiar with the arrangements.