Park West School

Parent Concern Protocol

• If you have a question or concern regarding your child, the channel of communication begins with your child’s teacher, or the teacher with whom you have the concern. A teacher deserves the first opportunity to address your concerns. Communication can be done via telephone or email, or make an appointment to meet in person.

• If an issue cannot be resolved to your satisfaction with the teacher, please contact the Principal or Vice Principal.

• Parent concerns related to school administration/operation issues should be addressed with the Principal or Vice Principal. Mr. Carter, Ms. Olsen and Mr. Melanson are very approachable and are happy to address your concerns.

• Email, telephone calls (we have voicemail), and meetings by appointment work best for effective communication.

Matters of Discipline and Student Behaviour: Minor discipline issues are handled by teachers. Discipline issues of a more serious nature are addressed namely by our Vice Principals. Fortunately major discipline issues at Park West are rare. We have awesome students.