Park West School

Assembly Guidelines

At Park West we love to get our students together for assemblies, events, and special occasions.  There’s value in doing this.  Sometimes just the junior high students are included.  Sometimes it’s only the elementary students.  At other times it’s all students in our school (almost 900!).  We want to ensure these times are positive experiences for all.   We want to ensure our students are good audience members; attentive and respectful.   So, recently we developed Assembly Guidelines for Park West School.   All teachers have been teaching, reviewing, and sometimes practicing these guidelines with their students.  We’re preparing our students for the world! 

  For your information the guidelines, with expectations for students, are as follows:

• Be attentive and respectful at all times. 
• Stop talking and be attentive immediately (without prompting) when the presenter is ready to speak or the presentation is ready to begin.
• Do not talk during the presentation.
• Face the presenter/presentation at all times.
• Do not bring toys and other unnecessary items to an assembly.
• Do not use cell phones during presentations.
• Stay seated (on bums) at all times so those seated behind can see.
• Do not lie on the floor or lean on classmates. 
• Do not scream or boo.
• Clap to show appreciation when appropriate.
• If you become bored or disinterested just sit quietly and respectfully until the presentation concludes.
• At the conclusion of the presentation classes will be dismissed in an organized fashion.  All students should stay seated until they are instructed to stand and leave.
• Students leaving the gym (or other location) during a presentation must be kept to a minimum to avoid disruptions and distractions to the presenter, presentation, and other students.  Teachers should only allow students to leave (to use the washroom) under extreme circumstances.  Students should leave the gym as discretely as possible, causing little distraction.  Students should be encouraged to use the washroom before the presentation.