Park West School

Celebrating our Diversity

(Sent Thursday, March 2, 2023)


As we near the end of Wellness Week at Park West, I am writing to let you know that it was a tremendous success!

We honour and celebrate the rich diversity of our students every day.

This week, they were encouraged to showcase their cultures through attire during Cultural Day. And what a day it was!

I am deeply proud of the conversations that took place during the workshops and activities throughout the day. It was an incredible opportunity to learn from one another, and to continue to build understanding and appreciation of the cultural diversity of our school and community.

At Park West, we are dedicated and devoted to ensuring inclusive learning spaces, where all students feel safe, accepted and valued while in school. This practice is intentional – and our highest priority. Our responsibility is to ensure that your child feels safe and welcome, for exactly who they are.

We know at times there are cultural misunderstandings, but opportunities like Cultural Day give students the time and space to learn from one another. These are important teachable moments.

Students are always welcome to express themselves in ways that maintain safety, dignity and respect for themselves, their classmates, and their cultures.

Finally, thank you for your continued support of Park West. It is a privilege to be the principal of this beautifully diverse community.

If you ever have questions or concerns, please reach out.

With thanks,

Benedette Anyanwu