Park West School

Our Vision and Goals

Vision and Goals 

Park West School is a “home for the heart and the mind”. We care about our students. We want them to succeed. As we strive to ensure their success the following priorities will continue to guide our daily practice.

Our people – We don’t just teach subjects and outcomes…..we teach kids! Our people are important (students, families, staff, community).
Connecting with each other, students, and their parents – “No significant learning can occur without a significant relationship.” “Human connection is the key.” We want to build positive relationships.
School Success Planning (SSP) – Our school improvement plan consists of goals and strategies for improving literacy and mathematics. 
Quality Teaching - We recognize that high-performing educators and leaders make a difference in student success.
Student Engagement – We will strive to capture the attention and interest of our students, and encourage them to make an investment in their learning, so they try hard to learn and take advantage of what school offers.
Culturally Relevant Pedagogy – Instructional strategies that build on the lived experiences and strengths of our students.
Creating consistency – We want to work cooperatively and collaboratively so we are effective and efficient.
Ensuring student success – “The result of teaching should be learning”…and success.
Technology – We recognize the value of technology in learning and teaching…and want to grow with it.
Supporting our teachers and support staff – Appreciating, valuing, and supporting them as they strive to meet the needs of all students. We promise to do our best, but may make a few mistakes along the way. Please be forgiving.
Innovation - Encouraging creativity, vision, imagination, resourcefulness, and thinking “outside the box”. We want to develop talent!
Our diversity – Diversity presents itself in many forms. We accept, embrace and celebrate it. Our diversity is our pride and strength. At Park West we thrive in a “culture of acceptance”.