Park West School

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important.
Emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days. At this time school staff members do not have access to the school telephone system (to make and accept phone calls, and/or retrieve voicemail messages).  

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Manmoud, Ms. N YMCA - School Settlement Worker
Smith, Ben Technology Support
Starrett, Ms.K. Speech and Language Pathologist (902) 457-7800
Logan, Amanda SchoolsPlus Facilitator (902) 476-0271
Rubin, Ms. A. School Social Worker
Brown, Ms. S. School Psychologist
Comeau, A Librarian ext. 5271039 Website
Pickwell, V. Head Caretaker
Tobin, Ms. J EXCEL Childcare - Head Instructor 902 221-6168
Momen, Randa EPA
Corbett, K. EPA
Hannedigey, Dhammi EPA
Akella, Ms. K EPA
Brown, Janet EPA
Patel, Ms. A. EPA
Sarvaiya, Ms. D. EPA
Yeadon, S EPA
Arnold, Ms. O. EPA
Graham, A EPA
Almahmoudi, Reem EPA
Obaidi, Ms. M. EPA
Boutilier, H. EPA
Benyahya, Faouzia EPA
Beaulieu, P. EPA
Abdal-Rahman, Ms. P. EPA
Dole, Sadia EPA
Sims, E EPA
Sharafi, Mitra EPA
Neville, Ms. R. EPA
Thibault, Taylor EPA
Yelchuri, Ms. S EPA
Saleh, Kathy (kawther) EPA
Darwish, Hanan EPA
Lee, Minjeong ECE Lead Teacher Pre Primary (room 1) ext. 5271018
Hamilton, Tanya ECE - Lead Teacher Pre Primary (room 2) ext. 5271017
Wrightly, Ms. S. ECE Pre-primary Support (room 3)
Lee, Ms. Y. ECE Pre-primary Support (room 3)
Bayraktar, Ms. H. ECE Pre-primary Support (room 2)
Abdulhadi, Ms. F. ECE Pre-primary Support (room 2)
Bakos, Ms. I. ECE Pre-primary Support (room 1)
Han, Ms. S ECE Pre-primary Support (room 1)
Hickey, S. Custodian
Rao, Ms. A African Nova Scotia Student Support Worker


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Stone, Mr. A. Vice Principal 902-457-7800 ext. 5271003
Ferguson, Ms. A. Vice Principal 902-457-7800 ext. 5271002
Anyanwu, Ms. B. Principal 902-457-7800 ext. 5271001
Patterson, Ms. A Guidance Counselor ext. 4571220
Cobean, Mr. T Guidance Counselor ext. 5272019 Website
Landers, Ms. B. Administrative Assistant 902-457-7800
Johnston, Ms. E. Administrative Assistant 902-457-7800

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
d’Entremont, Mr. J. Tech. Ed. / Phys. Ed. ext. 5271269
TBD, TBD Strings
Hayes, Ms. L. Resource (Junior High) ext. 5271217
Morine, Ms. P Resource (Elementary) ext. 5271214
Gouthro, Ms. N. Resource (Elementary) ext. 5271216
Anderson, Ms. A Reading Recovery/Early Literacy Teacher ext. 5271016
Campbell, Ms. C Primary ext. 5271014
Tempro, Ms. J. Primary ext. 5271013
McLellan , Ms. D Primary ext. 5271034
Boyd, Ms. K. Phys Ed P-9
Kelly, Mr. W. Phys Ed 40%
Blades, Ms. N. P/1 ext. 5271009
Pasher, Mr. K Music - Gr. 6 + Band (Grades 6 - 9) ext. 5271069
MacIsaac, Ms. D. Music (Elementary) ext. 5271070
Brennan, Ms. S Learning Centre ext. 5271005
McKim, Mr. S. Learning Centre ext. 4571212
Goldberg, Mr. M Learning Centre ext. 1210/1070
Rolfe, Mr. C. Learning Centre
Postlethwaite, Ms. C. Grade Primary 20%
Nielsen, Ms. S. Grade 8 and 9 Healthy Living + Core French ext. 5271042
Covey, Mr. A Grade 7-9 Core French ext. 5271042
Flanagan, Ms. M. Grade 2 50%
Beattie, Mr. G. Gr. 9 Math ext. 5271226 Website
Theriault, Ms. D. Gr. 9 Citizenship Education + Grade 8 Social Studies ext. 5271236 Website
Martin, Ms. S. Gr. 9 ext. 5271227
Riddell , Ms. T. Gr. 8/9 Science ext. 5271228 Website
Hickey, Mr. J Gr. 8 ext. 5271237
Petrie, Ms. S Gr. 8 ext. 5271238 Website
MacBurnie, Ms. K Gr. 7 ext. 5271247
Dugandzic, Ms. N. Gr. 7 ext. 5271248
MacLellan, Ms. M. Gr. 7 ext. 5271239 Website
Parker, Mr. B Gr. 6 ext. 5271248
O'Neil, Ms B. Gr. 6 ext. 5271027
Armstrong, Ms. C. Gr. 6 ext. 4571249
Fournier - White, Ms. S Gr. 6
Lohnes, Ms. J. Gr. 5 ext. 5271023
Shupe, Mr. G Gr. 5 ext. 5271021 Website
Tracey, Ms. K Gr. 5 ext. 5271246
MacDonald, Ms. L. Gr. 5 ext. 5271015 Website
Morley, K. Gr. 4/5
Ross , Ms. J Gr. 4 - 60% ext. 5271082
Beaton, Ms. J Gr. 4 ext. 5271080
Graham, Ms. E Gr. 4 ext. 5271080
Auton, Ms. J Gr. 4 ext. 4571081
Greenwood , Ms. J Gr. 3 ext. 5271090
Thurston, Ms. L Gr. 3 ext. 5271031
Matheson, Ms. S Gr. 2/Reading Recovery ext. 1025
Misra , Ms. R. Gr. 2/3 ext. 5271011
Hood, Amanda Gr. 2 40% (902) 457-7800
Ssbezza, Ms. R. Gr. 2 ext. 5271033 Website
English / Hood, Ms. J./ Ms. A Gr. 2 ext. 5271034
Khan, Z. Gr. 1/2
Griswold, Ms. L. Gr. 1
Francis , Ms.C Gr. 1 ext. 5271027
Kostlac, Ms. E. Gr. 1 ext. 5271026
MacBurnie, Mr. D EAL 7-9 ext. 5271061
Haikings , Ms. S. EAL (P-4) ext. 5271061
Mockler, Ms. M. Core French (Elementary) ext. 5271083
Rioux, Ms. S. Art (grades 7-9) ext. 5271212
Bouchahine, Mr. J 50% Gr. P-9 Physical Education ext. 5271272
Kelly, Ms. J 100% Phys Ed Teacher
Joseph, Ms. R. 100% EAL Teacher ext. 5271061 Website