Park West School

Halifax Regional Police Traffic Message

Good morning all parents/guardians,

I am Cst Martine Maillet with Halifax Regional police. I am reaching out as support to Park West School with regards to morning drop offs and afternoon pick ups. As most of you may be aware, space for parking is limited.  No stopping/no parking signs have been installed for safety reasons, therefore, I ask you confirm signage along the street before parking. With anticipated cooperation from everyone, we hope this will help traffic flow and in general make the area safer for pedestrians and vehicles.  We understand it will be an inconvenience to park further and onto surrounding streets, however, there are no other options at this time.

To ensure further safety, please refrain from conducting " u-turns" after dropping off/picking up student(s).  Unless a "U-turn" can be done without stopping or slowing traffic and in one motion. Otherwise, a ticket can apply:
Under section 120(3) of the Motor Vehicle Act, turning vehicle to proceed in opposite direction in business or residence district. 

Another traffic complaint that continues to be reported to police are vehicles passing school buses, while stop sign and red lights are engaged.
Under section 103(3) of the Motor Vehicle Act, Failing to stop for stopped school bus exhibiting flashing red lights.  This ticket fee begins at $410.00 and 6 points will be assigned to your driving record.

As further explanation, it does not matter whether students are crossing the road or not to get on or off the school bus. When flashing red lights are engaged, a vehicle can not pass the school bus.
Thank you all for your time in reading this memo,  If there are any questions, please feel free to send me an email. 

Cst Martine Maillet
Halifax Regional Police
School Liaison Officer