Park West School

School Closing Information

Report Cards:  All report cards will be emailed to parents/guardians/students on Wednesday, June 30. If you have any issues or questions about report cards you should contact the appropriate teacher, or VP Mr. Melanson (for grades P – 4) or VP Ms. Olsen (for grades 5 – 9).  If you do not receive a report card please contact the appropriate vice principal. Issues and questions regarding report cards will only be addressed up until June 30, and then again in early September.  School personnel are not available during summer vacation (July and August).

Are You Moving?  If your children attended Park West this year, but you’ll be moving away over the summer, please inform us as soon as possible.  We need to know if they won’t be here in September. Note:  only students who reside within our school boundaries are eligible to attend Park West School in 2021-2022.     Email us at   

The Last Few Days:  Schools will be closed (no school for students) on Tuesday, June 29, for Assessment and Evaluation Day.  The last day of school before we close for summer vacation will be Wednesday, June 30.   Students will be dismissed at 10:00 am on that day. 

Office Hours:  The school office will close for the summer months on June 30.    Plans are to re-open in late August for the new school year.  Dates are to be determined. Regular office hours will resume in the fall.