Park West School

Information for New School Year - 2021-2022


Back to School:  The first day of school for the 2021-2022 school year is scheduled to be Tuesday, September 7.  Students should arrive by 8:05 AM.  Parents and students must not enter the school building until the entrance bell rings at 8:05 AM.  Signs will be posted on exterior doors with directions for entry to the building and assemblies for class placement.  Next year we are hoping all students (and their parents) will make it their priority to be on time for school on a regular basis.    Check the PWS website at the end of August for more First Day of School information.

New School Administration Next Year:  As previously announced, there will be some changes to our admin team at the conclusion of this school year.  Ms. Donna Olsen (one of our VPs) will be moving to her new assignment at Harold T. Barrett Junior High School.  She will be replaced by Ms. Abby Ferguson (from Gorsebrook Junior High).  As Mr. Carter is retiring, Ms. Benedette Anyanwu has been appointed the new principal.  Mr. Brian Melanson (our other VP) will remain here as PWS as part of the admin team.   He has vast experience as a school administrator, and knows our school and community intimately; having been here for the last 10 years.  Our school will be in good hands. 

New Bell Schedule:  Effective September 7, 2021, there will be a new bell schedule for students and staff at PWS.  It will be as follows:

8:05 am -  Entrance bell rings for all grades / students enter building
8:10 am  -  National Anthem / Announcements / Attendance
                  Students must be in classrooms BY this time or will be considered late
8:15 am  -  Instruction/classes commence
9:45 am  -  1st elementary recess
10:00 am -  2nd elementary recess
11:15 am  -  Lunch period begins
12:15 pm  -  Lunch period ends / students proceed to classrooms
12:20 pm  -  Attendance /  Instruction and classes commence
                    Students must be in classrooms BY this time or will be considered late
2:25 pm -  Dismissal (for all grades)

Late Registration:   The school office will be open for late registration on Wednesday, August 25, 9:00-12:00 / 1:00-4:00.  Children who live within the Park West School boundaries are eligible to attend this school.  If new neighbours with elementary/junior high aged children move into the area over the summer please encourage them to register on this date.  Proof of address, a birth certificate, and a Nova Scotia health card number are required to complete registration.  

Class Lists:  Due to reasons of privacy and confidentiality class lists will not be publicly posted on the school premises prior to the first day of school.  Students will be assigned to their new classes when our doors open for a new school year on September 7th.  Parents and students should be aware that class lists are tentative.  It is highly likely some students will be moved to other classes, and teacher assignments at some grade levels will change after September 7.  These changes may be necessary due to changed enrollment at some grade levels, and in order to strive to conform to class size caps mandated by the EECD. At this time our enrollment for September, and beyond, is unpredictable.  Traditionally we have some students move away over the summer months, and we receive many new students who register during the summer months. In September it may be necessary to reconfigure our classes and assign teachers to new grades/classes. It may also be necessary to make changes to comply with new school operations procedures due to COVID-19.   Class lists will not be finalized until early October.