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Expectations for Online/At-Home Learning using GOOGLE MEET

Expectations for Online/At-Home Learning using GOOGLE MEET

Our teachers are working extremely hard under challenging circumstances during a global pandemic to provide meaningful online educational experiences for our students while schools are closed.  Most teachers are using Google Meet to virtually connect with their students and conduct teaching and learning sessions.  We have expectations and responsibilities for our students as they participate in at-home/online learning on Google Meet.  We appreciate our families doing their part to make this successful and respectful.  Parents and students (at all grades) should know our expectations and their responsibilities. 

Google Meet Expectations:

Tips for being a good classmate in an eLearning environment (online learning)…

• Be on time.  Show up at the correct time and stay in the Meet for the entire time.
• Find a quiet place away from distractions such as siblings, TV, pets, etc.
• Ensure you dress appropriately to be seen on camera.  Remind those in your household when the camera is live. 
• Mute your microphone until you are called upon to speak.
• Identify yourself using your real name when in Meet. 
Do not allow access to others who should not be participating in the Meet (i.e. students from other classes or other schools).  This is disruptive to learning.  This is being monitored closely.  
• If you are called upon to speak, unmute your microphone, so you can be heard.
• If you have a question, put it in the chat.
• Keep the sidebar chat on topic.
• If you are responding to another student in the chat, write their name before your response.
• Refrain from chewing gum or eating food in front of the camera.
• Hang up at the end of the meet.
• Come prepared to each online class.
Be respectful to ALL. 
Appropriate student behaviour is expected at all times (just as it would be for in-person learning at school). 

Responsible use of Chromebooks:

If a student is using a borrowed Chromebook from Park West School they must ensure the information and technology will be used in a legal, safe and responsible manner, as outlined in the Nova Scotia School Access and Use Policy.  The student must refrain from accessing inappropriate websites.  The Chromebook is intended for school-related purposes. Use of the borrowed Chromebook will be terminated, and it will be required to be returned to the school immediately, if there is failure to comply with these expectations.

Expectations for Student Behaviour:

The Nova Scotia Schools Code of Conduct (used at school to address student behaviour) is in effect during the school day when students are participating in at-home learning with teachers and classmates.  Inappropriate behaviour is discouraged, and will be subject to consequences, as prescribed in the Code of Conduct.  Students have rights, but they also have responsibilities.