Park West School

COVID-19 Era Reminders for Parents/Guardians/Families

Reminders to parent/guardians/families during the COVID-19 era:


• Students must socially distance (as much as possible) when at school.
• Students (grades 4 – 9) must wear masks at school.  Younger students are welcome to wear masks. 
• Parents/guardians/adults must wear a mask when interacting with PWS staff members in person.
• Parents/guardians/adults must wear a mask upon entering the school grounds during morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up when many students are present. 
• Parents/guardians/adults must not stand in the class line with their children, or near the class line, in the morning. 
• Parents/guardians/adults must not stand near the entrance/exit doors during morning drop-off and afternoon-pick up.  Safely stand at a distance to allow our students lots of space to enter and exit.  
• We have a new lunch schedule:  11:35-12:35 (grades 6-9) and 12:35-1:35 (grades P-5)
• Daily dismissal time is 2:45 PM.  Classes will be exiting the school building at intervals.  If you are picking up children please be on time to assist us with social distancing for exiting safely.
• Students are not permitted to ride bicycles, skateboards, or scooters on school grounds.
• At this time public (including parents/guardians) access to the school is restricted.  Preferred contact with us is by email or telephone.  If you feel it is necessary to meet in person with school administration you must contact the school office in advance to arrange an appointment.
• Our school grounds is closed to all vehicular traffic (with the following exceptions:  PWS staff, school buses, vehicles displaying handicap permits, and delivery vehicles).

• Continue to screen your children for COVID-19 symptoms on a daily basis.  Contact 811 for consultation if necessary.Sick children should not be in school. 

  • If your child is ill you must keep them at home until they are feeling better.


For more information see two attachments below:

1.  A Parent and Guardians Guide to the 2020-21 School Year

2.  Preventing COVID Spread in School - Families - Fact Sheet