Park West School

Winter Concerts

Winter Concerts for Grades P-3 will be held on Tuesday, February 25, and Wednesday, February 26th, beginning at 1:15 PM each day. The concert will feature the themes of winter, snow and peace, as well as recognizing African Heritage month and the Chinese/Lunar New Year in song. All students in these grades will be involved, showcasing songs learned in music class.

Everyone (family and friends) is invited to attend.   Tickets are not required. 

The following classes will be presenting on these days:

February 25

  • Grade 2 Webber, 2 Lohnes,

  • All grade 1 classes

  • All grade 3 classes

February 26

  • Grade 2 English, Grade 2 Ssebazza

  • All primary classes

  • School Choir (Grades 4-6)

* This replaces our December Christmas Concerts, which had to be cancelled due to circumstances.