Park West School

Update on drinking water at PWS

Update on drinking water at PWS

Earlier this year Health Canada set a new guideline for lead in drinking water. You can learn more about this guideline at: Along with the new guideline, which reduces the maximum acceptable concentration of lead in drinking water, are sampling protocols for how and when water can be tested.

As a result, all water sources in all schools in Nova Scotia will be sampled for lead. This sampling must take place in warmer weather between June and October, according to Health Canada’s Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality .

On December 19, the provincial government announced that all public schools across Nova Scotia will be provided with drinking water starting in January, if:

• they have not yet been tested for lead; or
• they have been tested and it has been determined alternate water is needed.

Park West School has not been tested to the new protocol.

Therefore, as a precaution, an alternate source of drinking water has been provided at PWS for our students and staff.   We now have water coolers located throughout the building, with bottled water, available for our students and staff, if they wish to use them.   Individuals will need to provide their own water bottles or reusable cups.

The Halifax Regional Centre for Education takes the health and safety of our students and employees very seriously. They are ready to sample the more than 6,000 water fountains and faucets in our 139 school buildings in June in accordance with the Health Canada guideline.