Park West School

Business As Usual at PWS until June 28

Business As Usual at Park West:  The last day of school is June 28.  On that day students will receive their report cards and be dismissed early (during the morning).  June 27 is an Assessment and Evaluation Day, so students will not attend school on that day.  Otherwise, classes will continue as usual right up until the last day.  Students in ALL grades (including junior high) will be expected to be in attendance as learning occurs and subject outcomes are addressed.   A school year in Nova Scotia consists of 195 days.  We intend to take advantage of this valuable time by providing meaningful learning opportunities for our students.  We do not ‘shut down’ early.  Students will not be told by teachers to stay home because ‘nothing will be going on’; nor will teachers suggest that students stay home.   If students are to be absent for all or part of a day parents are asked to report the absence on our Safe Arrival line (457-7800 – press 1) BEFORE the absence occurs.  Parents:  please support and assist us as we strive to provide your children with the best educational experience possible by ensuring they are present at school.